6 ways to protect personal data

6 ways to protect personal data

Use a strong password

Nowadays only a few websites that also store the user's password in plain text, most of them use encrypted storage. If your password is too simple, an attacker can easily obtain your password and log in your account to obtain more information.

Therefore, your password should include uppercase + lowercase + characters,password length should be greater than 8 characters.if you follow this,even if an attacker obtains your password hash, it is difficult to crack. 

Try to use different passwords for different websites, which greatly reduces the risk of data leakage.

Use a VPN service to hide your IP

vpnThe leakage of the website database often include your IP address, attackers can lock your location through the IP address you usually use, which will bring great risks to your life security. So it is very necessary for you to use Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to protect your IP. According to the statistics,90% of users use this VPN to surf on the web.why? I think it is stable and well protect for them.

Install antivirus software on your computer

There may be viruses in the applications you usually download or the websites you visit. If there is no anti-virus software installed, you won't know even if your computer has a virus.Installing antivirus software can not only protect your computer from viruses, but also help you to avoid phishing attacks.

Download the app in the market

If you want to use an application, such as facebook, twitter, tiktok, please be sure to download it in the appstore or google play market, downloading in other places is a great security risk. If malicious programs are installed on your phone, the sensitive content in your phone will be used by criminals, such as obtaining your photos, contacts, and stealing your money.

Update your software frequently

Software companies often release updates that patch bugs and vulnerabilities when they are discovered. So, don't put off software updates, especially on operating systems.

Use a temporary mailbox

The more services you register and use on the Internet, the greater the risk there is. Therefore, for some registrations that are not so important, try to use 10 minute mailboxes instead of ordinary mailboxes. The temporary mailbox does not need to be registered, with a vpn service,you'll be more secure.